“As a bride you are my first priority…
Everything is built around you and what you want for your wedding day.”

~Samantha potter

Samantha Potter and Dennis LyleSamantha potter brings her wedding planning, coordinating, and event planning skills to life in Wedding Day Concierge. Samantha’s gift for communication is the key to her success in all of the special events she is involved with. Whether with a bride and groom or with one of the vendors, Samantha is able to provide solutions to each and every challenge, bringing a sense of freedom and power to everyone involved, which is the stage for a memorable and seamless day.

Samantha’s goal is for every bride to feel taken care of, heard, and empowered. “Everyone needs to feel that what they say matters”. “What matters to me, is that every bride I work with feels that we are partners together creating the perfect day, the perfect memory, the perfect beginning to a wonderful life together.” When we do that we have fulfilled on our promise “we plan dream weddings”.

As Samantha’s client list grows, so do the accolades from her clients. “Astounding!” “More than we could have dreamed of!” “I’m so glad we found Samantha as our wedding planner… We couldn’t have had anyone more perfect to create the perfect day!”

Dennis Lyle

A career including event planning that includes companies like Disneyland and MAC cosmetics, Dennis has a background that provides the perfect partnership and support for Samantha. Dennis provides logistical support as well as bringing his role of officiant as needed to weddings and receptions alongside his partner Samantha.