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Wedding Insurance – Are you covered?

Labeled File FoldersYou’ve said yes to the “big question,” and have invested countless hours and money to prepare for your “big day.” What will you do if the unexpected arises?

Disasters can hit. You may lose your venue and consequently your deposit. You may find your gown, tuxedo or gifts damaged or stolen. You may need to postpone due to bad weather, or vendors canceling last minute. What are your options?

With weddings come unforeseen circumstances. With unforeseen circumstances come additional costs, headaches, and lost investments. Nevertheless, wedding insurance can protect you. Costing anywhere from $125 to $550, coverage can protect a couple’s investment in venue, attire, rings, lost or damaged gifts, photos, videos, deposits, etc.

When catastrophes happen, you may lose deposits, postpone your wedding, and pay for additional, unexpected costs. Venues and rehearsal sites can close down due to inclement weather and natural disasters. Vendors (i.e. caterers, minister, florists, photographers, videographers, DJs) may cancel at the last minute or not show, forcing you to find replacements. The bride or groom can be called into military duty or last minute corporate relocation. Wedding insurance can cover your costs with supplemental policies to protect costs associated with the honeymoon.

Insurance usually doesn’t cover costs associated with canceling the wedding due to cold feet or change of heart. Nor does it cover lost or damaged engagement rings or gemstones and pearls.

Investing in insurance is important to protect your investment and keep your peace of mind, but don’t pay for overlapping coverage. Many times, vendors and venues already have their own coverage. Ask questions and find out about existing policies.

In addition, each policy is different. Read the small print. What does “bad weather” coverage mean? Does it cover rain, wind, and/or blizzard? What sicknesses and injuries are covered? Does it refer to cold, flu, surgery, broken bones, and/or disease? Talk to your agent; get a thorough understanding of what’s covered and what’s not.

Planning vs. Managing your Wedding

weddingDo you know the difference between planning and managing your wedding? If not, no worries. Allow me to explain. Planning the wedding of your dreams, its’ theme, the venue, décor, the menu, drinks, etc…can be very exciting and lots of fun. It’s your opportunity to identify what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to have on your special day. Managing your wedding on the other hand, is an entirely different animal. Booking the venue, selecting qualified vendors, and assuring all parties are doing what you’ve paid them to do as planned, on schedule and within the agreed budget, is no easy task.

Think about it, you may have an idea of your dream home in your head. But, when it comes to actually building it, a dream is just that…a dream…a vision. You’ll need to hire a general contractor to bring that dream into reality. They ensure everyone is highly qualified, oversee attendance, work quality, and in the event something goes awry…they must know exactly what to do to fix it.

For instance, Villa Incanta’s Wedding Planner, Samantha Potter, recently attended a friend’s wedding as a guest (not on duty). The day of the event she was horrified to hear the DJ had lost the couple’s first dance music. As the highly experienced planner she is, she stepped in, arranged for the recording studio to recreate the music and have it delivered to the venue, all during the reception. Without such professional expertise, the outcome would have been entirely different!

As you can see, managing a wedding by no means is easy, and accomplishing it on budget, is another story. While hiring professionals is optional, it’s strongly recommended. According to Potter, finding a planner who creates exactly what the couple wants has been shown to save time and money in the process.

Many couples decide to hand over the duties to a family member or a friend. While at first the family member or friend may be honored that you have selected them to plan and manage your big day, the feeling of honor can quickly turn to frustration due to the excessive time required and stress entailed. It’s a full time job and they’re unaware they won’t be able to participate in the activity because they are going to be busy.

Would you feel confident in a family member or friends experience and qualifications to organize and oversee an entire team to build a home? Would they know who to hire or how to save on costs without sacrificing quality? The same holds true for a wedding. Can they cut on expenses where need be yet maintain quality of service? Can they handle all the hours of research, phone calls, meetings, obstacles, road blocks, etc…that takes place in managing a wedding? They might say yes because it sounds like fun but what if they back out the day of because “it’s too much work” then what do you do?

It’s hard to put a price on “peace of mind,” considering that the memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime. What memories would you would like to hold? Freedom and ease…or… busy, harried, and worked?

A professional is masterful at creating and bringing a dream wedding into reality. They have the necessary contacts, ability to negotiate the best deals, choose reputable vendors, and deliver what you are looking for within budget. Samantha highly recommends having the presence of a professional at the actual wedding to oversee all details go as planned. The goal of hiring a day-of wedding professional is to assure the bride, groom, and their guests are free to enjoy their special day without any worries.

Hiring professionals isn’t necessary to plan and manage a wedding, but with all the responsibilities involved, it should be considered. And if hiring such professionals as Potter will result in saving more money in the long run and allow the happy couple to truly enjoy their engagement experience as well as their “special day,” what is there to question?

Bridesmaid – What are you supposed to do?

bridesmaidCongratulations! You’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid. But…what are you supposed to do? What’s your role? First and foremost, you’re supposed to be helpful. You’re supposed to help physically, emotionally, and financially.

Offer to help the bride in anyway you can. However, don’t just ask “how can I help?” Be specific. For instance, ask “would you like help picking out the bridesmaid dresses?” Or, “do you need help prepping and sending out the invitations?”

In addition, offer the bride emotional support and strength during the planning stage as well as the wedding day. Whether she’s stressed out with the wedding preparations, or her last few days of being single, or even on the day of the event, getting married can quickly become an emotional rollercoaster (especially…if she didn’t hire such wedding professionals as Villa Incanta to plan and manage the wedding). As a bridesmaid, you must be her backbone when she becomes weak.

And yes…you should even provide financial support. I’m not saying pay her bills, but you should pay for your wedding-day ensemble (shoes and jewelry included) as well as split the costs of the bridal shower and bachelorette party with the other bridesmaids and maid of honor.

In addition, rather than just simply walking down the aisle and posing for pics, you must help out during the wedding. Responsibilities can include helping the bride get ready for the ceremony and reception, offering her drinks (as she’ll be too busy to fill her glass up herself), talking to guests to assure they’re having a good time, dancing with groomsmen to avoid awkward moments of empty dance floors, and making sure the bride has everything she needs.

Trivia…once the wedding is over, do you think your responsibilities end? Nope! After the wedding, the bride most likely is off to her honeymoon. Therefore, you should help out with making sure she has everything she needs packed for the trip. In addition, you can assist with picking up the disposable cameras usually left on the tables for reception pics and have them developed, take her gown to the cleaners, have it preserved, and assure her home is ready for when she arrives back from her honeymoon.

As you can see…while quite an honor, being a bridesmaid is no easy task. It requires a lot of time and energy to help create the bride’s special day. As mentioned earlier, you should help out physically, emotionally, and financially. But as Villa Incanta’s wedding planner, Samantha Potter, described…”you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” In other words, via helping the bride out…you’re helping her make her magical day truly special…and one day she could return the favor.