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10 Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Bride and groom kissing.

The beauty of outdoor weddings is like no other. They’re natural, romantic, and quite intimate. However, pending on circumstances, they’re also susceptible to problems. It can be too hot, too cold, windy, rainy, bright, dark, loud, or even infested with annoying bugs.

The truth is, weather is unpredictable and nature can be surprising. Therefore, to take advantage of the outdoor splendors, while protecting yourself from the outdoor obstacles, we’ve listed 10 tips below to keep everyone comfortable on your special day.

Tip 1) Stay cool under the heat – When it comes to heat, you need shade to stay cool. Shade can definitely be created with tents, but you can also pass out parasols to everyone. Another option is to create fans out of your programs. On a side note, make sure you have lots of sunscreen, iced beverages, and selected foods can be kept well under the sun’s heat.

Tip 2) Turn up the heat in the cool – If the weather gets too cold, you can rent electric heaters, serve warm beverages (i.e. cocoa, tea, coffee), and even provide cozy blankets.

Tip 3) Shield from the wind – Wind can quickly become a nuisance. It can ruin your hair, your dress, blow things away, and even blow out candles. Prepare for windy situations by making sure your hair is fastened in place and light fabrics such as chiffon and china silk are avoided in your dress.  Further, double check everything is weighed down, including all paper goods (i.e. napkins, table cards, programs, pictures, etc…). In respect to the candles, as opposed to small votive candles, use enclosed lanterns or floating candles in tall glass cylinders.

Tip 4) Say good-bye to the rain – Even in summer, there’s always the chance for rain. Avoid drenched guests and a soaked wedding party by discussing with the venue ahead of time alternative indoor options. If you cannot move indoors, consider renting tents or at the very least, renting/borrowing umbrellas.

Tip 5) Don’t stare at the sun – Find out from the venue approximately where the sun is going to shine at during the time of your wedding. Then make sure to seat your guests’ back to the sun.

Tip 6) Light up the outdoors – Once the sun sets, you’ll need light. The beauty of outdoor weddings is that via creating romantic lighting outside, you’re simply adding to the wedding’s ambiance. You can light it with string lights, paper lanterns, candles, tiki torches, etc…

Tip 7) Turn it up – At times it can be hard to hear over the sounds and vast areas of nature. So, discuss with the venue and DJ to arrange for an acceptable and tested sound system.

Tip 8) Tell the bugs to bug off – Citronella candles, torches, bug sprays, and even fans (i.e. programs pasted on fans) can keep the bugs away.

Tip 9) Decorate – While one of the benefits of outdoor weddings is being able to decorate with nature’s beauty, you must still make sure the venue is at or exceeds par prior to the wedding. Make sure the lawns are mown. The trees are trimmed. And feel free to add your own decorations (i.e. flowers, pictures, balloons…).

Tip 10) Create the indoor comforts outside – While the ceremony, reception, dining, and dancing areas can easily by distinguished indoors, it must also be designated outside. Create an area for the ceremony. Select an area for the reception. Bring out tables and chair to dine comfortably. Set up a buffet to easily grab food. Have the venue assemble an outdoor dance stage. Simply stated, bring the indoors out.

There’s truly something magical about outdoor weddings. And while such weddings may appear difficult once you consider all the possible obstacles, you can easily overcome them and create the wedding of your dreams when using the above tips and working with such experienced venues like those with Villa Incanta. We’re telling you, you can definitely pull off an outdoor wedding.

Wedding Planning – Too many choices, too little time!


If I asked you…”do you like having choices” what would you say? My guess is “yes!” While options are great in creating the freedom to select what you exactly want…they’re also problematic if you’re indecisive or easily overwhelmed with options. Think about it, have you ever been asked “what do you want to do for dinner?” If so, how did you respond? Did you ever say, “oh I don’t care…I’m good with anything…you decide” ?  If so, with something as simple as dinner, why were you indecisive? Now, such an example is not a big decision, but what about if it had to do with your wedding? Everything from picking out the date, attire, accessories, venue, entertainment, music, and even guests & the wedding party involves a great variety of choices. How do you pick what you truly want? And, how do you assure that you stay within an affordable budget?

Planning a wedding is not easy. With all the possible combinations available, one can easily feel overwhelmed and outright frustrated when dealing with wedding vendors.  While you may know it’s the right decision when you see it, how do you know when you see it? By all means, most vendors are not mind readers, but I bet for the amount of money you’re paying…you wish they were. So what do you do?

  • Create a wish list! Start looking through wedding magazines, books, sites, pictures, etc…and gather all the ideas you like and don’t like. Place the images of your ideal wedding on a board or in a binder.
  • Rank it! Establish which aspects of your wish list are most important. Consider ordering (from most important to least) what you need to include in your dream wedding and what you would like to include. At the same time, make sure to rank what you absolutely don’t want at your wedding.
  • Set a budget! Why jump into a new chapter of your life with excessive debt? Look at your finances and how much you’re able to apply towards your wedding. Then allocate your budget accordingly to what you’ve ranked as the most important aspects.
  • Meet with wedding vendors!  Ask around, look for reviews, and don’t be afraid to interview them. Find vendors that you’ll feel comfortable to communicate with.
  • Present your wish list! When communicating with vendors, present your wish list. Let them know exactly what you want so that they’ll focus on your list as opposed to offering options that you have no interest in.

Think of it as a shopping list. What would happen if you go to the grocery store without a list? Most likely you’ll end up spending more money purchasing items you don’t need as opposed to those you do. When shopping around for your wedding it’s important to be prepared and know exactly what you want. Not only will this save you money, but you’ll be able to communicate exactly what you want with vendors.

When a vendor has a visual of what you need (i.e. via your wish list), the vendor will be able to offer you options that meet exactly your needs, as opposed to present, upsell, and cross-sell items that aren’t what you’re looking for. Not only will this prevent confusion between you and the vendor…but why waste your time, budget, and energy looking through things you don’t really want? As mentioned earlier, planning a wedding is not easy. But trying to communicate what you want, without a wish list, doesn’t make it any easier.

Planning vs. Managing your Wedding

weddingDo you know the difference between planning and managing your wedding? If not, no worries. Allow me to explain. Planning the wedding of your dreams, its’ theme, the venue, décor, the menu, drinks, etc…can be very exciting and lots of fun. It’s your opportunity to identify what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to have on your special day. Managing your wedding on the other hand, is an entirely different animal. Booking the venue, selecting qualified vendors, and assuring all parties are doing what you’ve paid them to do as planned, on schedule and within the agreed budget, is no easy task.

Think about it, you may have an idea of your dream home in your head. But, when it comes to actually building it, a dream is just that…a dream…a vision. You’ll need to hire a general contractor to bring that dream into reality. They ensure everyone is highly qualified, oversee attendance, work quality, and in the event something goes awry…they must know exactly what to do to fix it.

For instance, Villa Incanta’s Wedding Planner, Samantha Potter, recently attended a friend’s wedding as a guest (not on duty). The day of the event she was horrified to hear the DJ had lost the couple’s first dance music. As the highly experienced planner she is, she stepped in, arranged for the recording studio to recreate the music and have it delivered to the venue, all during the reception. Without such professional expertise, the outcome would have been entirely different!

As you can see, managing a wedding by no means is easy, and accomplishing it on budget, is another story. While hiring professionals is optional, it’s strongly recommended. According to Potter, finding a planner who creates exactly what the couple wants has been shown to save time and money in the process.

Many couples decide to hand over the duties to a family member or a friend. While at first the family member or friend may be honored that you have selected them to plan and manage your big day, the feeling of honor can quickly turn to frustration due to the excessive time required and stress entailed. It’s a full time job and they’re unaware they won’t be able to participate in the activity because they are going to be busy.

Would you feel confident in a family member or friends experience and qualifications to organize and oversee an entire team to build a home? Would they know who to hire or how to save on costs without sacrificing quality? The same holds true for a wedding. Can they cut on expenses where need be yet maintain quality of service? Can they handle all the hours of research, phone calls, meetings, obstacles, road blocks, etc…that takes place in managing a wedding? They might say yes because it sounds like fun but what if they back out the day of because “it’s too much work” then what do you do?

It’s hard to put a price on “peace of mind,” considering that the memories of your wedding day will last a lifetime. What memories would you would like to hold? Freedom and ease…or… busy, harried, and worked?

A professional is masterful at creating and bringing a dream wedding into reality. They have the necessary contacts, ability to negotiate the best deals, choose reputable vendors, and deliver what you are looking for within budget. Samantha highly recommends having the presence of a professional at the actual wedding to oversee all details go as planned. The goal of hiring a day-of wedding professional is to assure the bride, groom, and their guests are free to enjoy their special day without any worries.

Hiring professionals isn’t necessary to plan and manage a wedding, but with all the responsibilities involved, it should be considered. And if hiring such professionals as Potter will result in saving more money in the long run and allow the happy couple to truly enjoy their engagement experience as well as their “special day,” what is there to question?