All-inclusive weddings – Traditional weddings just got better

When dreaming about your fairytale wedding, what does it look like? Are you floating down the aisle, in the perfect dress, to your handsome prince charming? Are you at some exotic location? Surrounded by family and friends? What do you see?

Dreaming about and planning your perfect wedding can be exciting. However, once you experience the stress and discover all the costs involved with choosing a venue, food, cake, flowers, DJ, videographer, photographer, dress, tux, hair, and make-up. ..a sense of shock takes over, and reality kicks in. Dream weddings are not cheap! And these days, mom and pop can’t always cover the bill.

So what do you do? What could you do? Fall into debt before even saying “I do”? Hold off the wedding? Run to Vegas? Perhaps the court house? Sell your soul to the mafia and ask them to pay for it? What can you do?

Well…I’m here to share an option. While growing in popularity, this alternative to traditional weddings is still unknown to many. What is it? It’s an all-inclusive wedding. All-inclusive weddings give you the best of both worlds. You can enjoy all the fixings of your dream wedding, at a beautiful, exotic location, with a price tag you can afford.

Typically, they include a venue, catering, wedding cake, flower, DJ, videographer, photographer, hair and make-up artist, minister/officiant, and a coordinator to design and set-up everything to your liking. So how can you have all this and still afford it?

Well, let’s start with the venue. As opposed to booking a venue hundreds/thousands of miles away and having to pay absorbent amounts in transportation and accommodation, you can experience a destination wedding at a hidden, local oasis.

For instance, where do you see your dream wedding? At an exotic beach, overlooking the ocean? At an exclusive mansion or private estate, feeling like a fairy princess? Or what about a romantic winery or a Tuscany villa, where everyone is at awe to the eloquent surroundings? How about a prestigious country club where others will absorb your wedding venue in envy. Or maybe even a country setting?

I can’t speak for all, but just here in Temecula Valley, or a short distance away, we have access to romantic wineries, country settings, private estates, exclusive mansions, private country clubs, waterfronts, Tuscany villa, and more.

To top it off, since we’ve partnered up with such venues, we’re able to book them at significant discounts, passing the savings to your pocket book. In fact, on average, when compared to traditional “retail costs”, all inclusive wedding packages are cheaper by 15% to 35%, which can save you thousands of dollars.

Similarly, in terms of vendors…since we’re a big part of their business, not only do we receive discounted rates (of course passing the savings down to you), but we’re able to bargain with them and take advantage of promotions.

You see, all-inclusive weddings take the guess work out and keep costs low when creating dream weddings. They’re bundled packages per se’ that include everything you need from to kick start the first chapter of your married life together.