English vs American Weddings

Can you imagine a wedding where the wedding meal is actually the wedding breakfast? Where you trade in the chicken marsala and beef pot roast for pancakes and eggs. Or what about eliminating the rehearsal dinner? Do you really need it?

How about getting married in a venue with their own traditions? Their place…their rules. To top it off, what if you only could select a couple friends to be in your wedding party? Could you do that? Could you tell your other friends that they didn’t make the cut?

What about using “ushers” as groomsmen? Here’s a big one, what about having the bride enter before the bridesmaids?

Could you schedule a break before evening festivities? Will you feel comfortable requiring your guests to pay for their own drinks? Or what about ONLY having the bride’s father, best man, and groom give a speech (well, more like a roast)?

If you’ve ever attended or had an English wedding…then such things probably are no surprise. But if you haven’t, and are only used to American weddings, then English weddings maybe a little “different.” But, different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. In fact, you can gain some budget friendly inspiration and ideas to simplify the entire wedding process.

I found a great article on Smitten by Britain with “9 Differences Between English and American Weddings”. It’s a good read. And if you or anyone you know are planning a wedding, how about taking into consideration English wedding ideas? Did you see Kate Middleton’s wedding? Remember, English weddings are my specialty!