The Beauty of Outdoor Weddings

There’s something truly romantic and beautiful about an outdoor wedding. Getting married on the beach or in the gardens of an estate not only creates a beautiful setting, but it helps create fantastic photo opportunities and places you as the envy of anyone marrying indoors. And once the sun sets, the night continues its magic under the ambiance of lantern lights.

The options and creativity are endless when it comes to outdoor weddings (i.e. romantic wineries, the country, a private estate, exclusive mansion, private country club, on the waterfront, or Tuscany villa, etc). To get the creativity flowing, we’ve gathered quite a few inspiring outdoor wedding pictures and placed them on our Pinterest “Outdoor Wedding” board for you to review. Take note of such things as the tents, which help protect you and the guests from weather elements. Take note of the lanterns and lights which help create the needed ambiance once the sun sets. Take note of the seating arrangements and the decorations which complement the best décor of all, nature itself. Enjoy!